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Outside Braced
The Empire Turbine Ventilator is a dependable rotary that works automatically continuously and silently without operating or maintenance costs. It is outside braced for strength, safety and perfect alignment. Ventilators up to and including 12" are aluminium braced. Larger 'sizes are steel braced for additional strength. Operation is simple and sure. When the slightest breeze touches the scientific blade construction, it causes the turbine to rotate. The centrifugal force caused by the revolving turbine creates a partial vacuum within the turbine. This vacuum is then replaced by a strong upward draft of air.

Precision Built with Heavy Duty Ball Bearings
The lower thrust bearing is a hardened steel ball riding in a hardened steel concave seat (in sizes up to 12") for extreme sensitivity and wearability. In larger sizes, thrust type ball bearings are used. Upper bearings on all ventilators are bronze oilless. The rigid construction of these storm proof ventilators assures years of efficient service. No adjusting or servicing is required. Galvanized ventilators are painted inside and outside with best quality outdoor aluminium paint.