Medical Furniture
kardex Cabinets
First Aid Cabinets
Overbed Trolley FirstAidKit FirstAid
Mobile Overbed Trolley with locking and non locking wheels and height adjustment.
First Aid Kits/Cabinets with shelves and hasp and staple with locking eye. Also available in custom sizes and cam locks.
kardex Cabinets
TwoDrawerKardex 8DrawerKardexCabinet
Kardex Cabinets are manufactured to hold 5" x 3" , 6" x 4" or 8" x 5" cards. These units are available in single, double or more drawer units, as in the first picture or multi-drawer cabinets, as in the second picture.
Bedside Locker
Bedside Locker available with drawer, door, laminated top and towel hanger. This locker is also equipped with a hasp and staple with locking eye for security.
Medical Records Trolley
Medical Records Trolley with locking and non locking wheels, side document pocket, flip-up door securing hanging file storage, push handle bar and flip-up writing work surface that folds away when not in use.
Examination Beds
Examination Beds available with cupboard or drawers, paper spool holder, slide out step and adjustable headrest.