Custom Furniture
Wooden 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
Shelving Unit with Lateral File Drawer
Mobile Cupboard with Counter
Wooden Filing Cabinet
Wooden 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet.
SHelving Unit with Lateral Filing
Shelving Unit [One Adjustable Shelf] with Lateral Filing Drawer & Laminated Top.
Mobile Cupboard
Mobile Cupboard with Laminated Counter & Shelf.
Mobile Desk
Double Locking Cabinet
18 Compartment Cupboard
Mobile Desk
Mobile Desk with 2 Box & 2 File Drawers and Locking Wheels.
Double Locking Cabinet
Double Locking Cabinet [Inner Door with CAM Lock and Outer Door with Hasp and Stapple Locking Eye].
Multi-Compartment Cupboard
18 Compartment Cupboard [Pigeon Hole Type].
Cubicle Partition with Flipper Door Unit
Tall Mailbox
Locker Room Bench
Cubicle Type Partition with Flipper Door Unit, Desk Top & Under Mount Lighting.
Special Size Mailbox with CAM Lock.
Locker Room Bench
Locker Room Bench [Wooden Seating and can be Bolted to Ground].
Institutional Bed.